Welcome to Ramby & Partners

This is the place for you who have a property for sale. For many years, we specialize in helping business owners find the right buyers for their property and help potential buyers find the right property.

In the past, you pass accountants, lawyers and real estate agents, but at Ramby & Partners saves you a lot of time and effort. We offer a broad advice that gives you the best terms when you have your property for sale.

At Ramby & Partners are also plenty of help available to you, there are franchisee or you are looking for one. We have extensive experience in advising on franchising, and with our competent employees for the best position to get a good start.

In short, there are three areas of focus:

  • Dissemination of shops, retail stores and webshops.
  • Advice to the sale of commercial premises.
  • Franchising, franchise concepts and selection of franchisees.


Business are many things and does not need to be a complicated and expensive process.


An acquisition of a business is a big decision. A decision as most only do once in his life, so it is important that you get purchased just the right company that fits into one's competence.


Selling a business through business communication can be done either with a desire that the current management / owner retires, thus taking over the leadership of the company to a new generation in the family, or to a completely external buyer.