Company Information

Strategic development does not have to be a long, complicated and expensive process.
Strategic development is based on your company's current situation and current status.

Basically, we take the temperature of your business. Then we work out a specific analysis of the condition and capabilities of the company.

Based on the analysis we come with suggestions for possible actions and an action plan to develop your business more strategically.

Ramby & Partners Strategy Consultant participate usually for a shorter or longer period in the company's daily operations and take a closer look at the example;

  • Where the company gets its revenue
  • What internal strengths and weaknesses exist in the company
  • What opportunities and potential of the company
  • What threats and risks facing the company possibly facing
  • What skills have the company of and what may need to be fed
  • Where is the industry herself
  • What makes the company's competitors
  • What are the focus areas to be prioritized
  • How to implement business innovations, new processes mm.

One of our strategy consultants participate much like in a preliminary and informal meeting.