Capital Raising

Many Danish companies have tried to be in a situation where they faced an expansion of the market, but venture capital was missing, and many will experience it in the future.

Find the right investor
At Ramby & Partners we assist companies with partly to price the company in the current situation and to assess the need for risk-taking, as well as to seek investors and identify the right investor.

This investor can either be a mere passive capital partner, or an active investor. An active investor can help to strengthen the company's daily operations, if you so wish. We help to find the right investor, such as strong on marketing part or the generation part / product section, depending on your business needs.

Enhancing your company's know-how and position
When you with our help, a new venture capital means strengthening your company's capital not only more cash. New investors also brings their own experience, expertise and know-how, and it involves thus simultaneously strengthening your company's knowledge and ability to withstand future challenges.

Contact Company market for competent capital search
Facing you as a business owner to some of the challenges described above, please contact us. We have many years of experience in finding venture capital, and our knowledgeable staff are happy to a meeting. Here you will learn more about how we can help and provide professional advice in those areas that are important and necessary for your business.